Take Care to Maintain Your Differential Fluid

Modern cars require a lot of lubrication on their mechanical components. Many components in a car are made of metal, which means they require heavy-duty oil for optimum lubrication. Lubrication helps reduce overheating and poor car performance when on the road. One of the essential oils that do this job is the differential oil.

The differential oil is used to lubricate both the differential and the manual transmission. This process helps to protect these two components from damage and allows them to perform their work smoothly and safely. However, when the oil is contaminated, there are chances of permanent damage to sensitive car components as a result of increased wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to regularly change the differential oil to avoid potential problems with the transmission and the differential as well.

Get to our service center at Bo Beuckman Ford, and learn more about how to use differential oil to service your transmission and differential.

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