Your Engine Relies on Essential Fluid to Prevent Overheating

As you’re driving through Ellisville, MO, you’re probably not giving much thought about your engine overheating. However, if you consider all the miles that are driven on a daily basis, the engine has to endure a lot! The temperature in an engine can reach as much as 2,000 degrees and needs to be cooled down.

The coolant system for your engine heavily relies on antifreeze to keep it from overheating. The antifreeze is filled in the radiator, and if a leak occurs, there is a good chance that your engine will overheat. Additionally, the radiator hoses need to be checked periodically to prevent antifreeze from leaking due to them being worn out.

Our technicians are exceptionally trained to let you know if the hoses are worn and identify any other leaking concerns. Contact our service center at Bo Beuckman Ford for your next maintenance and ask for a coolant system check.

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