Have You Seen the Latest Ford Mustang?

The 2019 model has been hailed as the best-selling sports coupe. It’s easy to see why. Ford has revamped their moneymaker muscle car over and over again, but this is the first year in awhile that feels like they are doing something completely different. There are more options, incredibly powerful engines, and the legendary Mustang BULLITT, which is guaranteed to make heads turn.

The 2019 Mustang is a great example of what a modern-day American sports car should be. It’s fun to drive, sporty inside and out, and high-tech. In addition, it ranks in the top for safety, performance, reliability, and interiors according to US News & World Report.

With all new safety features and sensors, the Mustang is also one of the safer sports cars on the road. So why not take one for a spin? All 14 models can be found at Bo Beuckman Ford.



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