Robotic Testing the 2019 Ford Ranger

Why is the 2019 Ford Ranger already being considered the midsize pickup truck of the year. It might be due in part to the robotic testing of all those moving parts in this truck.

To make sure you have a quiet and enjoyable ride in your new 2019 Ford Ranger, this truck will undergo days of shaking of the frame so squeaks can be found and eliminated. Any noises that could lessen your driving experience are addressed before the truck reaches the assembly line.

There is no need to worry about hauling with your 2019 Ford Ranger, it gets pushed to the extreme with testing too. This truck is loaded up, then forced to haul a heavy load on the most treacherous driving conditions from freezing to severe heat.

Reach out to Bo Beuckman Ford so we can let you know the moment the new 2019 Ford Ranger arrives on our lot.



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