Tips for Out of Town Drivers Wanting to Buy a Truck or Car in Missouri

Why Buy a New Truck or Car in the State of Missouri

Many customers travel from outside the state to Bo Beuckman to buy the ideal Ford car or truck. Though the most common draw are our top-rate reviews as seen on Google and DealerRater, our location in Missouri also attracts customers. US News named the Show-Me-State as the best state in the entire country to buy the popular Ford150.

As noted in the article, buyers in Missouri saved an average of 12.4 percent off of the manufacturer's suggested retail price on their Ford trucks, leading to bigger average savings than found in any other state.

Tips for Buying a Vehicle Out of State

  1. It’s important to carefully research your dealer using multiple sites to ensure that you’re working with a well-established, trusted seller. While this is true for any car you purchase, trusting word-of-mouth recommendations isn’t an option when you’re unfamiliar with an area. If you choose to buy a used tr

  2. uck or car, make sure to get a copy of the vehicle history.

  1. Take note that emission standards vary from state-to-state with requirements in California, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New Mexico being amongst the strictest. What may be considered driveable in one region may be illegal in another. However, Bo Beuckman customers can rest assured that all Ford trucks and cars we sell can be driven in all 50 states.

  1. Never leave the dealership without a temporary registration sticker! While this is true no matter where you buy your truck or car, the fact that you must register the vehicle in your home state means that you’ll have farther to travel without a license plate. Without a temporary registration sticker, you risk receiving a hefty ticket for not having a license plate.

  1. Even though you have a temporary registration sticker, it’s important not to delay registering with your local DMV. Most states require buyers to register their vehicle with the local DMV within a set amount of days. Research the rules within your home state to be safe.


How Bo Beuckman Helps Out of State Truck or Car Buyers

We’ve helped many people from out-of-state buy trucks and cars, so we’re here to make the process as simple as possible. To start, we provide both the title and temporary registration to cover drivers until they're back in their home state. Plus, to assist with coordinating sales tax payment in your home state, Bo Beuckman forwards the payment to the right agencies. Our knowledgeable team will answer all your questions.

Call (800) 401-6441 to further discuss any questions you may have about buying a truck or car from Missouri

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