Does the Ford EcoSport Utilize a Roll Protection Program?

One of the typical complaints traditional sedan drivers’ level at SUVs like the Ford EcoSport, is the increased possibility of a rollover. While is factual to site that the center of gravity is higher in an SUV than in a sedan, the likelihood of a rollover decreases with the Roll Stability Control system.

The first guardian against a rollover situation in Ellisville, or out on the road, is the driver. However, there are times when a sharp veer or a quick cornering are necessary to avoid unthinking pedestrians or other cars. The Ford EcoSport comes standard equipped with the Roll Control System that continuously monitors the level of the vehicle to the road. When an overbalance is detected, the system pulses brakes or reduces engine torque to compensate.

Have the certified technicians at Bo Beuckman Quality Ford monitor your Roll Control System annually to ensure your safety.



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