Come Check out the Ford Ranger's Tech Features at Bo Beuckman Quality Ford

The Ford Ranger is a midsize truck that you've probably seen on the streets of Ellisville. It's got the features people want, and the new trucks are sporting some nice technology, such as the features below.


This comes with Trailer Coverage that can help you glide into the next lane without worry because it will tell you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot. This can be especially helpful when you're hauling a vehicle or a boat to some remote lake. Remember that this feature is just meant to assist, so be sure to check your blind spot as you normally would.

Lane Keeping

Another tech feature to make driving a lot easier for everyone is the lane keep technology. This uses sensors in your vehicle that can tell you are sliding into another lane when you aren't supposed to. This tech puts you on alert and helps you stay in your lane and safe.

Get a taste of what it feels like to drive and experience these tech features in the new Ranger by taking a test drive with us.



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