The Performance Features of the Ford Focus

Even though the Ford Focus is a car model that hasn’t been out as long as others, it is still a series that has inspired its fair share of loyalty. Part of the reason for this would have to be the fact that it is simply designed well. Even though it is not necessarily the first thing people look for when they buy a Focus, this vehicle does have some surprisingly good performance features for its type. Consider these factors:

The Sporty Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST has an EcoBoost engine that is capable of delivering 252 horsepower along with 270 pounds of torque. This means this example will definitely make easy work of any curves or straightaways in the highway.

The Limited-Edition Focus RS

The Focus RS is the best offering for performance that is made by the Ford Focus. The RS offers 350 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque. Consider these two Ford Focus options today!



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