The Comfortable 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

If you're considering your options for a full-sized passenger wagon that will transport you and your passengers comfortably and reliably, don't look any further than the 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. With options for 10-, 12-, and 15-passenger models, you'll be able to transport groups of any size.

The rear of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon has a best-in-class 77-inch roof and aisle seating for every passenger. Gone are the days of having to climb over people and seats to get to the back row of a van. Whether you're transporting children or adults, people will be able to have the space that they need.

For the driver, the tilt and telescoping steering column will let them adjust their area precisely for comfort and safety. The front seats are heated and equipped with power reclining, and both have both a headrest and inboard armrests for an optimal driving experience.



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