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There’s no denying the appeal and power of lifted trucks. But, before you buy a vehicle lifted higher than 6” or attempt to install a kit on your current ride, make sure you know related Missouri laws. While there are currently no regulations on the frame height, other laws will limit your choices. A knowledgeable team like Bo Becuman Quality Ford can answer any questions you may have about meeting street-legal standards. 


Missouri bumper height laws


Missouri law dictates that lifted passenger vehicles cannot have a bumper height higher than 22 inches. However, if you operate a commercial vehicle, the maximum bumper height depends on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). State laws dictate the following:

  • Vehicles with GVWR under 4,501 can have a maximum front bumper height of 24 inches with the rear not exceeding 26 inches
  • Vehicles with GVWR of 4,501-7,500 cannot have a front bumper taller than 27 inches with the rear limits being 29 inches
  • Vehicles with GVWR of 7,501-9,000 can have a front bumper height up to 28 inches with the rear reaching up to 30 inches
  • Vehicles with GVWR 9,002-11,500 have a front bumper height maximum of 29 inches with the rear not exceeding 31 inches 

Please note that this measurement accounts for the distance between the ground and the tallest point of the bumper’s underside. 


Light Positioning and Usage


You must have a minimum of two headlights and tail lights. What’s more, your lifted truck’s tail lights must not be higher than 6 feet from the ground. You are allowed no more than one spotlight and three auxiliary driving lights with the latter being no taller than 3.5 feet from the ground. 


Missouri Engine Laws


Emission testing is mandatory in St. Charles, St. Louis, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties, but there are currently no statewide laws in place. 


Window Tinting Regulations


Missouri laws dictate that a lifted truck must have the following to be legal to drive: 

  • Front side windows which enable 35% of light to enter 
  • ?The reflective tint of front side and back side windows cannot reflect more than 35%
  • If the back window is tinted, side mirrors are mandatory

Other Regulations and Required Components to Know


Examples of other legally-mandated parts include: 

  • Fully operational mufflers are mandatory. They cannot have cut-outs or be incorrectly installed
  • Similar to the above, an unobstructed, working exhaust pipe is required for a vehicle to be street-legal
  • Missouri law requires your lifted truck to include a supplementary manual parking brake
  • Windshield wipers are mandatory

Keep in mind, Missouri laws aren’t the only set of rules about which you have to worry when lifting your truck. Many insurance companies will void their policy if the lift exceeds 4” or 6” while some refuse to cover any vehicle with an altered suspension. We advise that you talk to your current insurance company and, if they don’t provide the necessary coverage, research alternatives prior to installing your lift kit. 


Bo Beuckman Quality Ford: Missouri’s Go-To Solution for Lifted Trucks


Installing a lift kit on a truck is deceptively difficult unless you’re a seasoned mechanic. After all, the more height you add, the more you need to replace crucial vehicle components. Ensure that the work doesn’t jeopardize your vehicle or family by working with the professionals at our Ford service center or buying a truck already lifted.
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