2021 Ford Super Duty Versus the Competition

The 2020 Super Duty delivers impressive towing capabilities and strength, as well as a robust suite of technological features like lane departure warning systems and the standard sunroof. However, how does this mega-muscle pickup compare to the competition? Let's find out.

2021 Super Duty vs. Silverado 2500

The Silverado brings ample horsepower and interior space. However, its unattractive aesthetic, limited towing capabilities, and stiff riding experience provide room for improvement. Does Ford Fusion surpass the benchmark set by the Silverado 2500? Keep reading to learn more.

Who Brings the Power + Maneuverability

Super DutySilverado
Towing Capabilities20,00018,500

Winner: The horsepower of the Silverado exceeds that of the Super Duty, but it falls short on the torque and towing capacity. Therefore, the Super Duty is the winner.

Who Brings the Best Rates

Super DutySilverado
Roadside Assistance53

Winner: Despite the reduced towing capacity and lack of interior polish, Chevrolet actually charges more the Silverado 2500 than Ford does for the Super Duty. Plus, Chevrolet offers only three years of roadside assistance.

2021 Super Duty vs.
Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 offers a powerful engine (though not quite as powerful as the Super Duty’s), but it falls short in regards to the safety technologies that come standard. Take note, parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, security systems, and lane keeping assist do NOT come standard.

Who Brings the Power

Super DutyRam 2500
Towing Capabilities20,00019,150

Winner: No matter how you try to spin it, the 2021 Super Duty takes the cake when it comes to power and strength.

Who Brings the Best Rates

Super DutyRam 2500
Roadside Assistance55

Winner: The difference between the two trucks may seem razor-thin, but remember what we mentioned above: basic safety features do not come standard and cost extra. If you want to bring the Ram 2500 truck up to the standards of other trucks, the price tag becomes noticeably steeper.

2021 Super Duty vs.
GMC Sierra 2500

The GMC Sierra offers significantly lower towing capabilities than other pickup models (like the Ford Super Duty). It also fails to deliver in regards to interior luxury and safety features. While its smooth powerassist and trailer-assist technology helps compensate, it fails to meet the well-rounded benefits of the Ford 2021 Super Duty.

Who Brings the Power

Super DutySierra 2500
Towing Capabilities20,00012,000

Winner: Simply put, if you’re looking for a pickup truck with strong towing capabilities, the Sierra 2500 is NOT the truck for you. After all, it only has 60% of the strength of the Ford Super Duty.

Who Brings the Best Rates

Super DutySierra 2500
Roadside Assistance53

Winner: Even though the Sierra 2500 has significantly less strength and years of roadside assistance, it has a higher asking price than the Ford Super Duty. Plus, many of the benefits that come standard in the Super Duty (like leather seats and a sunroof) cost extra for Sierra 2500 drivers.

2021 Super Duty vs. Nissan Titan XD

Before we go any further, we must address the elephant in the room: the Nissan Titan XD is flawed. Very flawed. Car and Driver awarded it a pitiful score of 4.5 out of 10, noting “Tows less than other heavy-duty trucks, rides worse than half-ton pickups, single configuration choice . . . the Titan XD is only desirable for those who don't want a domestic truck and need to tow more than the regular Titan.”

If that isn’t enough to scare you off, check out how it compares to the 2021 Ford Super Duty.

Who Brings the Power

Super DutyTitan XD
Towing Capabilities20,00010,990

Winner: It’s obvious what the reviewer was talking about when he wrote “ . . . whereas the Ford Super Duty can pull up to 37,000 pounds with a gooseneck hitch, the Titan XD can only handle 11,040 pounds with the same type of setup. The Nissan's number drops to 10,880 pounds when it's pulling a conventional trailer.” In this particular competition, Ford flat out annihilates Nissan.

Who Brings the Best Rates

Super DutyTitan XD
Roadside Assistance53

Winner: Wowza, The Nissan Titan XD is expensive! And one question lingers in our minds: why? This is the most expensive of all the trucks referenced in this article, yet it was the most poorly received. It’s turning circle is wide, there are fewer years of roadside assistance offered . . . Nissan needs to significantly reconsider this price.

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